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Nurturing Long Island

since 2020.

CarrollsKitchenLI is a non-profit 501(c)(3)
How to get involved:
Every $10 helps a family in need!


A story of resilience...

Carroll's Kitchen stands as a grassroots beacon of compassion, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity founded by Sayville, New York local, Ryan Carroll. In the wake of a challenging twist of fate - the loss of his job as a chef in the heart of NYC due to the devastating closures triggered by Covid-19 - Ryan chose a different path. Instead of yielding to the confines of home and quarantine, he rallied a formidable team of over thirty exceptional hospitality professionals, uniting their talents to serve the Long Island community in a safe, coordinated manner.

Since its inception in March 2020, the dedicated team at Carroll's Kitchen has extended sustenance to over 620,000 individuals in need. 50,000 tons of dry pantry goods, and supplied jobs to over 200 people. Their nourishing efforts have cast a wide net, embracing front-line heroes, veterans, the elderly, children, police and fire departments, as well as shelters. The origins of Carroll's Kitchen lie in a profound passion for uplifting others, an ethos woven from threads of community, culinary artistry, and genuine care.

As time has unfurled, Ryan and his dedicated team have pivoted their focus, directing their compassion towards the families hailing from high-risk, low-income pockets of Long Island, the resilient frontline workers, and the vulnerable elderly population, who bore the brunt of Covid-19's impact. With a resolute mission to confront food insecurity head-on, Carroll's Kitchen emerges as a steadfast ally, an embodiment of solidarity, and a fervent advocate in the unyielding battle against hunger across the length and breadth of Long Island.

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Founder & CEO of Carroll's Kitchen Long Island

  Growing up in Sayville, New York with two cherished Italian grandmothers, Ryan's culinary passion ignited at just five years old. Grandma Anna, from Trento Alto-Adige, introduced him to Northern Italian cuisine, imparting her expertise in crafting rustic dishes like gnocchi, fresh pasta, and risotto. Similarly, his Sicilian grandmother, Nan, nurtured his love for Italian-American classics such as chicken parm and Sunday sauce. These early culinary experiences laid the foundation for Ryan's pursuit of culinary excellence.

   At a tender age of thirteen, Ryan entered the restaurant industry, starting as a dishwasher at Collins and Main restaurant. His dedication and tenacity propelled him through the kitchen ranks.

   After high school, Ryan pursued culinary education, earning both associate's and bachelor's degrees from the renowned Culinary Institute of America. His quest for knowledge extended to Spain, where he fell in love with Spanish culture and cuisine while working in Michelin-starred restaurants.

    Ryan's professional career took off under the guidance of acclaimed chefs like Jean Georges and Jose Andres. He refined his culinary skills and business acumen, eventually joining JF Restaurants.

  During the pandemic, Ryan founded Carrolls Kitchen LI, a non-profit, and served over 620,000 meals to vulnerable individuals. He also ventured into the fast-casual world with a Fried Chicken brand but later sought healing and renewal at North Fork Table Inn, forging connections with local farmers.

   Now, with Carrolls Kitchen 2.0, Ryan honors his late grandmother, Catherine, by creating the "Catherine Carroll's Free Farm Stand Project." He established an Emergency Food Pantry in Mastic, New York, and promotes healthy eating practices while providing simple and enjoyable recipes and cooking videos.

   Today, Ryan continues his culinary journey, residing on a farm in Mattituck. He re-launched Carrolls Kitchen Long Island, partnered with Angels of Long Island, and operates Carrolls Catering for private events.

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What we're


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Private and Personal

Chef Services

Chef Ryan Carroll can prepare private 4-course dinners for two people or more, up to as many as your dining room can hold, and larger cocktail parties for up to 100 or more people in your home or backyard.




Empowering Communities Through Nourishment, Accessibility, and Education. Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to making a meaningful impact by preparing nutritious meals for the elderly, veterans, and families in need across Long Island. We aim to alleviate hunger and promote well-being while fostering a sense of care and connection.

Additionally, we are committed to eliminating food deserts on Long Island through our Emergency Food Pantry. Our first project, the “Catherine Carroll's Free Farm Stand Project,” brings produce from East End farms to low-income areas of Long Island. Furthermore, we will educate these communities with cooking videos that illustrate simple and easy recipes, along with a database of hundreds of recipes.


1. Ensure that fresh, healthy produce reaches every corner of Long Island.

2. Provide nutritional meals to our veterans, elderly individuals, and families in need."

3. Encourage Long Island families to embrace cooking once more and recognize the significance of gathering around the family dinner table."

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